digital Liquid filling machine

digital liquid filling machine
Liquid filling machine pump type Single head
Liquid filling machine Pump type Double Head

Mini Digital Liquid Filling Machine or Desktop Small Liquid Filling Machine

Application And Process
AMARSHELI ENTERPRISES offers Mini Liquid Filling Machine with single and double nozzle that can fill all free flowing low vicious liquids which has specific gravity close to that of water with filling range from 3ml to 3500 ml .This machine is extremely economical and compact model which requires small table space for filling liquids for household work, pharmaceutical or perfume filling, small production and R & D labs, the body of liquid filler is made of stainless steel and the dispensing pipe is made of food grade material. This machine can be used to fill beverages, water, juices etc approximate filling speed is 5-20 bottles per minutes depends on the quantity and type of product.

Product Details :
  •  Mini liquid filler is very compact and lightweight construction, can be easily moved around.
  •  This mini liquid filling machine works on seconds modes that can be calibrated for different volumes, therefore shifting from one container or material to another is very simple.
  •  mini liquid filling machine is digital and easy to operate just Plug and play device, can be up and running within 5-10 minutes.
  •  Mini liquid filler is made of stainless steel body, therefore protecting against corrosion.
  •  Mini liquid filling machine comes with a integrated Auto mode switch which increases the speed of filling.
  • Dimenstion of the machine is 235*175*160mm.
  •  Mini digital liquid filler is provided with a digital counter which measures the number of bottles filled in a given time period, therefore it becomes easier for the operator to track production.
Technical Specification
  Single Head Double Head
Weight 5kg Approx 10kg approx
 Filling Range 5ml to 3500ml 5ml to 3500ml
 Power 40 Watts 60 Watts
  Filling Accuracy +- 1% +- 1%
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