Pneumatic Paste fillling machine

Single head paste filling machine
Piston Filling Machine Single head
Pneumatoc piston filler double head
Piston Filling Machine Double head
  • Application And Process
    This pneumatic paste filler is a compact desktop model Single nozzle or Double nozzle semiautomatic pneumatic operated paste or liquid filing machine. This semiautomatic paste filler works on pneumatic piston type filling mechanism. This paste filler is made of stainless steel material has a product storage capacity of 25-30 liter in a stainless steel hopper and has filling accuracy of +/-1ml and anti drip nozzle suitable for filling liquid, paste and viscous products. This filler is very easy to operate, sturdy and cost effective and works on pressure principle. Compact size makes it ideal for tabletop or bench top operation for filling cosmetic, food & beverages and pharmaceutical products into plastic containers, pet bottles, glass jars, pouches and tube filling.


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