Manual Sticker labeling machine
Manual Sticker labeling machine for round bottles
Semi automatic sticker labeling machine
Semi Automatic sticker labeling machine for round bottles
Sticker labeling machine
Pneumatic Sticker Labeling Machine for flat bottles

Semiautomatic Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Application and Process
Amarsheli Enterprises offers a compact desktop model semiautomatic round bottle labeling machine. This is machine is easy to use very economical and gives speed production and good labeling precision neat application of sticker labels on various round containers .bottles are manually loaded and unloaded in the machine for sticker application .the bottle is placed on the rollers in the machine and hand lever is pulled, machine has sensor which senses perfectly and a single sticker is applied perfectly round on the bottle

Appliction: suitable for sticker labeling of small round bottles, hdpe round shape food jar ,round pet bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, chemical bottle labeling, wine bottle labeling ,jam bottle labeling, sauce bottle labeling, juice bottle labeling etc.

ModelSemiautomatic round bottle sticker labeling machine
VoltageAC 220V/50HZ/120w
Label Accuracy+ – 1mm
Label Accuracy25-50
Label roll inner diameter75mm
Max label roll out diameter250mm
Product size10mm to 150mm
Width of label8mm to 150 mm
Length of label15mm to 315mm
Machine Dimension650 X 450 X 450 mm
Weight25 kg
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