Pouch Packing machine
Automatic pouch packing machine 100gm
Pouch Packing machine 1kg
Automatic pouch packing machine 1kg
ParametersFZL100 Mini FFS pouch packing machineFZL1000 Mini FFS pouch packing machine
Filling ModeVibration DropVibration Drop
Filling Range1gm to 100gm100gm to 1kg
Filling accuracy+-1gm+-3gm
Filling Speed10-18bag/min4-10bag/min
Machine MaterialSS304SS304
Sealing TypeCenter/SideCenter/Side
Pouch Materialplastic film, filter paper, aluminum foil, laminated film, non-woven fabrics etc.plastic film, filter paper, aluminum foil, laminated film, non-woven fabrics etc.
Bag Size*  





*Needs different former for the different width of the bag


Machines that form the package, fill it with a Granules product, and seal it shut are known as Form-Fill-Seal machines. Flexible film is used in most FFS packing machine to create the primary kit, such as a bag or pouch. Form-fill-seal operations are also used to make gable-top and aseptic cartons. A Thermoform/fill/seal unit, a close relative, produces even more blister packs.

Amarsheli Enterprises is one of the leading FFS machine manufacturers in India has a lot of experience with precision-engineered FFS (Form Filling Sealing) machines and can handle them well. The method ensures wrinkle-free pouch creation by allowing the packaging media to be inserted into the machine through a model film folding device. Furthermore, separate sets of measuring cups for each weight range may be used if needed. These machines often feature intermediate perforation for consecutive pouches, as well as the ability to cut strips after a predetermined number of pouches using a digital auto–cut feature.


  • High credibility
  • Outstanding filling specifics
  • Very long lifetime due to durable designing
  • Low maintenance efforts
  • Magnificent capacity
  • Very fast film alteration
 Amarsheli Enterprises

 is one of the leading FFS machine manufacturers in India, offering you a FFS packing machine that expertly coats your goods in a protective coating, sealing them in and preventing harm. They can be tailored to your needs and function with a wide range of fabrics, packaging, and specifications. We’ll work with you to find the best computer for your company and make sure all of your requirements are met.

These machines fill and seal materials in a uniform and competent manner, assisting the company in producing uniform merchandise that upholds its image and promotes its brand. These are customer-friendly packages of consistent value. Each machine is constructed with high-quality components and put through rigorous testing to ensure its long-term viability. We build them to last and perform at their best for a long time, ensuring excellent results during the machine’s lifetime.

Our expertise lies in providing these FFS packing machines with the ability to fill a variety of powders, liquids, pastes, and granules in various filling ranges, as well as the ability to seal pouches on three sides, four sides, or in the middle.

 If you are looking for FFS machine manufacturers in India or have any queries regarding this, feel free to Contact us

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